Welcome to our cutlery world!

We sell branded cutlery made of Steel and Silver.

As authorized dealer You have an extensive choice of cutleries of premium brands like Puiforcat, Christofle or Robbe & Berking.
The product lines of foreign brands and less known producers are waiting to be discovered by you.
For price conscious clients we permanent stock a range of cutlery sets with attractive prices.
Our strengths lie in our competence, service and guidance when you purchase with us. Our strengths lie in our competence, service and guidance when you purchase with us. We advise you with the purchase of a precious silver cutlery and assist you with the replacement for your old loved family cutlery.
If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or simply give us a call.
We look forward to hear from you.
  • Puiforcat

    Puiforcat cutleryPuiforcat cutlery
  • Ercuis

    Ercuis cutleryErcuis cutlery
  • Topázio

    Topázio cutleryTopázio cutlery
  • Christofle

    Christofle cutleryChristofle cutlery
  • Robbe & Berking

    Robbe & Berking cutleryRobbe & Berking cutlery
  • Wilkens

    Wilkens cutleryWilkens cutlery
  • Koch & Bergfeld

    Koch & Bergfeld cutleryKoch & Bergfeld cutlery
  • Jean Philip

    Jean Philip cutleryJean Philip cutlery
  • Gebrueder Reiner

    Gebrueder Reiner cutleryGebrueder Reiner cutlery
  • Auerhahn

    Auerhahn cutleryAuerhahn cutlery
  • Pott

    Pott cutleryPott cutlery
  • Berndorf

    Berndorf cutleryBerndorf cutlery
  • Guy Degrenne

    Guy Degrenne cutleryGuy Degrenne cutlery
  • Sambonet

    Sambonet cutlerySambonet cutlery
  • mono

    mono cutlerymono cutlery
  • Stelton

    Stelton cutleryStelton cutlery
  • Versace

    Versace cutleryVersace cutlery
  • Rosenthal

    Rosenthal cutleryRosenthal cutlery
  • Carl Mertens

    Carl Mertens cutleryCarl Mertens cutlery
  • Zwilling J.A.Henckels

    Zwilling J.A.Henckels cutleryZwilling J.A.Henckels cutlery
  • Villeroy & Boch

    Villeroy & Boch cutleryVilleroy & Boch cutlery
  • Picard & Wielpuetz

    Picard & Wielpuetz cutleryPicard & Wielpuetz cutlery
  • BSF

    BSF cutleryBSF cutlery
  • Paul Wirths

    Paul Wirths cutleryPaul Wirths cutlery
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